Issues in ethics

During our General Assembly and the polling session we had end of 2019,  we understood that the topic of Ethics is something on which several members were interested in exchanging their views and experience. Hence on the 10th of March we propose an evening session where...

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Accreditation Workshop

EMCC/AEC Luxembourg offers you the possibility to participate in a workshop to provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have on the accreditation process (EIA).Susanne Habran, Luxembourg Accreditation Manager, an accredited Master Practitioner herself, will give you advice and...

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Idea night. Being alive.

In 2020, the Night of Ideas will once again bring you to the Mudam. "Being alive" is the general theme of this edition, which promises to raise questions about the future of humanity. The frontiers between man and machine, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, as well as the question of...

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