About Susanne Habran Jensen

my coaching approach is based upon :

  • Thorough knowledge, training, and experience in psychology and inter-personal relationships
  • Several years of in-depth self-analysis which aims to raise my own self awareness, and therefore allows to better assist the client.
  • Regular monthly and on-going individual supervision with Catherine Caillard (Coaching supervision and Paris based) and Dr Birgit Albs (Psychotherapy supervision and Trier based)
  • Regular and continuous self-development and training

Respect and promotion of a code of conduct

Member of :

  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council
  • Institut Psychanalyse & Management

Habran Jensen Consulting was created to promote and develop human relations and well-being in the workplace

Building-up profound and sustainable changes within behaviour through awareness based dialogue processes, and this with a committed sense of professionalism and a code of conduct (see below).

Work-Identity and self-realisation can lead to many positive moments in life. Work can be a fantastic and giving part of our lives, it can help us in creating an identify which supports us in a holistic way through-out our life. I believe that the more we question and develop this the better our the chances that we can work in way which makes sense to us and leads to sustainability. To times our work can also lead to difficult periods. Stress, mental fatigue, burn-out and frustration are just some of the difficulties confronting employees in the workplace. In an ever more demanding environment leaders and managers must face a growing social risk which can represents a considerable cost for their organisations. The work I offer has the aim to prevent and act upon these challenges, and that with an approach where I together with the client seek to combine well-being and performance in the career development.

I am a Business Psychologist with a passion for co-creating sustainable organisations through leadership coaching and organisational development.
I support leaders and managers who are interested in rethinking and moving their behavioural-models and leadership styles. The result should lead to more effective and humane workplaces, with leaders prepared to act and collaborate within their professional system.

My brief career history:
Born 1968, I started corporate life in Copenhagen in 1989 with PA Consulting Group during my studies. I then moved to Luxembourg in 1995, here I worked in managerial HR functions with Korn Ferry, Handelsbanken, Nordea, and Banque Indosuez / Crédit Agricole. During these years I held positions as : Director of Human Resources, Head of Human Capital, and Recruitment Consultant. In these functions I covered aspects like:

  • Development of the HR Strategy
  • Mentoring
  • Internal coaching
  • Talent development
  • Recruitment
  • Cultural integration and Change management projects – e.g. mergers


In 2007 I established my own coaching company in Luxembourg, focusing on Individual Executive and Non-Executive Coaching. Corporate clients in Luxembourg count: European Commission, Parliament, European Investment Bank (EIB), Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, Big 4 firms, Law firms, Banks, Insurance sector, Aeronautics ..

With Danish as my mother tongue, I also work in: English, French, and German. Additionally I have an excellent understanding of the other scandinavian languages. I have an extensive experience in dealing with cultural differences as I have lived and worked in several European countries, and I am particularly interested in intercultural relationships at work.

I graduated from university in Business Psychology (Bachelor and Master I and II). In 2003 I completed a post-university diploma in Coaching. In 2013 I completed a three year long part-time psychotherapy diploma (recognised by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health and the Collège Medical in Luxembourg).

I am a certified practitioner of the psychometric tool : The Golden Personality Type Profiler, based on the Jungian type indication.