Idea night. Being alive.

Jan 22, 2020 | news

In 2020, the Night of Ideas will once again bring you to the Mudam. “Being alive” is the general theme of this edition, which promises to raise questions about the future of humanity. The frontiers between man and machine, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, as well as the question of ecological balance and the relationship of man to the world and other species, are the subjects addressed.

Mudam invites us to attend speeches by international personalities who will share their daily commitment to essential causes, and discuss with the public during various round tables. Admission is free and I recommend that you come at around 6 pm for the round table registrations to have a wider choice.

During a round table at the end of January I met Jérémy Gobé, a plastic artist who was struck by the similarity between the lace made in Puy-en Velay and the structure of the corals. Jérémy Gobé has set up with the Museum of Natural History a new experience of reimplantation. Saving endangered coral with lace from Puy-en-Velay has become “Corail Artefact”, an astonishing project, both artistic and scientific, imagined by Jérémy Gobé.