Issues in ethics

Feb 29, 2020 | news

During our General Assembly and the polling session we had end of 2019,  we understood that the topic of Ethics is something on which several members were interested in exchanging their views and experience. Hence on the 10th of March we propose an evening session where together we can discuss and learn from each other on this complex and important topic of our practice. 

Susanne HABRAN JENSEN will open the evening with a case-situation from which we can start our reflection. Please do not hesitate to identify situations we could also discuss.

If you would like to join the group, let us know before the 4th of March by clicking on the button below “je participe”

To make the most of this event, we invite you, prior to the workshop, to read the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.  You can find it on the EMCC website or download it HERE 
 Please note that starting time we announced in the newsletter has changed. It is now 18:00
Date: 10 March2020
Location: Grand Hôtel Victor Hugo
Time: 18h00-20h00
Language: français, anglais