Professional coaching in Luxembourg

Specialised in professional coaching, executive coaching, counselling coaching, supervision and Human Resources consultancy, mainly working in Luxembourg. I was born in 1968 in Denmark, I started corporate life in Copenhagen in 1989 with PA Consulting Group during my studies. I then moved to Luxembourg in 1995, and while founding a family, working on my own work-life balance complexity, I worked in managerial HR functions. I am a Business & Occupational Psychologist with a passion for co-creating sustainable organisations through leadership coaching and organisational development. Through coaching I support leaders and managers who are interested in rethinking and moving their behavioural-models and leadership styles. The result from the coaching should lead to more sustainable and humane workplaces, with leaders motivated and prepared to collaborate within their professional system.


Happy New Year – Schéi Feierdeeg – Joyeuses Fêtes

Some things just stay the same ... therefore I share with you my yearly photo and greetings from my end-of-the-year-walk. This walk took place in the Vosges. These mountains are only a couple of hours from Luxembourg, yet I have only rarely been in that area. As this year has given me the...

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The emotional climate affects results

When people feel good, they think and work more efficiently, with positive results on creativity, customer relationships, staff retention and revenue. In his book Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman argues that the number one trait of any good leader is her Emotional Intelligence and her ability to...

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The paradox of choice

Professor of psychology Barry Schwartz author of the book:  “The paradox of choice”, gave in his TED talk a short introduction to his book. He points out the paradox that we do not experience more freedom, the more choices we have (when the number of choices is large). Nor do we become happier. ...

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