Resilience start with our mind and how we manage our attention

Mar 19, 2020 | news

Resilience start with our mind and how we manage our attention. As William James said: “What you attend to in this moment becomes your reality” such as checking social media, the stock markets, talking with friends, talking with collages (colleagues), attendant (attending) to our work.. Early March 2020 Rasmus Hougaard offered a Webinar on Resilience in our current COVID situation. As he wrote: “We can train resilience but it takes time, resilience is like a muscle, and muscles need time to develop. Why not use the current situation to take-up this training”.

As coronavirus dominates the headlines and upends our lives, are you feeling more unsteady and a bit lost?  During times of crisis, the mind can easily become hooked by obsessive thinking, helplessness and anxiety.  Fear can narrow our field of vision, making it harder to see the bigger picture and the positive possibilities in front of us.

We invite you to join leadership and mind training expert Rasmus Hougaard for a 30-minute webinar that will explore how to build mental resilience by training our minds.  Mental resilience, especially in challenging times like the present, means noticing our thoughts, unhooking from the unconstructive ones, and rebalancing quickly.