Interview in the Luxemburger Wort

Apr 3, 2020 | news

I have found it surprising and also encouraging to observe how quickly the adaptation to our new working conditions took place. The resilience shown by many people and organisations is helpful and positive. At my level, such as in coaching sessions, my job is to accompany and support initiatives taken. The initiatives are very creative and cooperative. I observe that the corona-virus-situation also attacks our structural and cultural frames and sometimes rigidities. It accelerates the dematerialisation of our workspaces and our communication channels. Often the digital communication channels make it possible to reinvent a new form of proximity between us. These channels are sometimes freer, more flexible, more respectful of our personal balances, and clearly even more eco-responsible.

This current situation, which can perhaps be used to re-align with the values ​​and models put forward by our younger generations of our work-force, to whom this corona-crisis may proof right.

In an interview with Jean-Michel HENNEBERT, Journalist and Head of section at the Luxemburger, I shared my current observations and view on telework in Luxembourg since mid-March. The interview is in French: