Make your sleep an ally of your well-being

Nov 1, 2021 | news

It happened again … the days are shorter, and we are in Wintertime. Why not see this as an opportunity to review our sleeping pattern and make sleep our ally. Since last night I am in my own “November Challenge”. Hence, I have started the below experiment and want to share it with you!

November Experiment Challenge:

  1. Catch the melatonin wave: Go to bed when you start to feel drowsy. For most people this is between 22:00 and 23:00. The drowsy feeling indicates that melatonin was released. It will help you fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep, so catch it while it’s there
  2. Relax your mind: Avoid mentally stimulating activities for 1 hour before bedtime. Instead of working, read a book, walk the dog or yourself, tidy up, listen to your favourite podcast or music..
  3. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness: Do a short focus training while sitting on your bed, followed by at least two minutes of relaxed breathing while lying on your back. Myself I use the method of the French physiotherapist Françoise Mézières. Her method has been developed since 1947, I can highly recommend it. Finally, turn on your side and drift off to sleep
  4. Make yourself the commitment that for the next 4 weeks you will get 7+ hours of sleep every night. Notice changes in your well-being and ability to focus during the four weeks. Perseverance is key because you might not see any results in the beginning