avis des clients

Coaching gives me time in which I can reflect on my behaviours and actions. In between coaching sessions I am putting my learning into action, sometimes without realising it. I feel that I am also developing the capacity and the ability to coach myself. My challenge is to build greater awareness of the impact of my behaviours and actions, in the moment.

(Department head, Finance sector)

Susanne has the ability to not only identify and understand key development issues needed to make you successful, but also what will help you in the culture you are in. I found that her questions came without political spin, so that I could trust and try out ideas in openness.

(Director, Public sector)

During my coaching work Susanne has helped me understand issues from different perspectives, supported me to get beyond the barriers that were holding me back. She has the insight to ask probing questions but maintaining the balance of encouraging, listening, and understanding.

(Head of Division, Public sector)

I would say that Susanne has an important proportion of emotional intelligence and thanks to her coaching my communication style has evolved and my interaction with staff and peers has improved, this has lead to a successful progress for all and for me on various levels.

(Manager, Private Sector)